Candidate Resentment

The CandE Benchmark Research Program helps your organization measure and assess your candidate's overall experience from pre-application to onboarding, and the impact of your recruiting efforts and candidate experience on your business and your brand.

One important data point that we quantify in our research is Candidate Resentment. The Candidate Resentment Rate measures the percentage of candidates who decide to stop engaging with your brand as a consumer due to a poor candidate experience.

Candidate Resentment Calculator

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Candidate Resentment Methodology

Our candidate resentment methodology is based on one of four key questions that we ask every candidate in the CandE Benchmark Research survey.

"Based on your experience, how likely are you to change your relationship status (whether or not you'll keep your brand alliance, apply again, refer others, and/or make purchases if applicable)?"

Candidate Resentment Rate
Source: Candidate Experience Benchmark Program

In 2023, the survey results showed that the average global candidate resentment rate was 12%.

Of course, not every candidate who says that they will leave a brand actually follows through. According to Zendesk, 61% of customers who had one bad experience will switch to a competitor, a statistic that we use to estimate potential lost revenue in our calculator.

To better understand your candidate experience and the impact of candidate resentment on your business and their brand, participate in the CandE Benchmark Research Program.