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The annual CandE Benchmark Research Program helps you and your organization measure and understand your overall candidate experience ratings from pre-application to onboarding. It also helps you understand the perception gaps between how you perceive your candidate experience delivery compared to your candidate responses, and the impact of your recruiting efforts on your business and your brand.

The CandE Benchmark Research Program has been focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience for over 12 years and delivers annual recruiting and hiring industry benchmark research.


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Year after year, the CandE Benchmark Research Program helps employers measure and benchmark their candidate experience, and recognizes those employers with the highest ratings overall.

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Candidate Experience Benchmarking

The CandE Benchmark Research Program is the only global candidate experience benchmark research program built for recruiting and hiring leaders and their teams. We provide everything you need so you can survey your candidates securely and anonymously and then have access to all of your candidate responses and benchmark against our global aggregate data.

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Some benefits of participating in the CandE Benchmark Research Program include:

  • Comprehensive Benchmarking. Access to all of your candidate responses and benchmark against global aggregate data.
  • Powerful data. Understand your recruiting and hiring impact by job type, gender, generation, race & ethnicity, and many other filtering options.
  • Proven methodology. Benefit from our proven candidate experience surveys, survey methodology and distribution guidelines.
  • Identify perception gaps. Understand the difference between what you believe your candidate experience to be and how your candidates are actually experiencing it.
  • Candid feedback. Identify strengths and weaknesses in your recruiting process and candidate journey.
  • Track candidate sentiment. Track multiple candidate indexes over time including how likely they are to apply again and refer others.
  • Expert advice. Receive insightful takeaways and recommendations from the CandE team on where to make improvements.
  • Build your business case. Use concrete data to develop improvement strategies based on your candidate feedback.
  • Track your progress. CandE data lets you compare year-over-year changes in candidate experience and the return on investment from your team’s initiatives.
  • CandE community. Connect with others who are passionate about candidate experience on our monthly calls.

Who should participate in the benchmark research program?

Employers big and small across industries are encouraged to participate. Recruiting leaders and their teams will benefit greatly from our benchmark candidate experience research and our industry expertise. You will learn what your candidate perception gaps are and what candidates value in your recruiting and hiring experiences. Participation will also help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your recruiting process and your overall candidate experience with continuous candidate feedback.

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CandE Awards

Each year the CandE Benchmark Research Program recognizes those participating employers with the highest candidate experience ratings with our coveted CandE Awards .

We celebrate their achievements annually at the CandE Awards ceremony. It’s a special time when we announce the global CandE winners and hand them their awards. The CandE Awards isn’t just a celebration of the highest rated employers, it’s about honoring all those raising the bar for candidate experience.

Based on the research, CandE Award winners are more likely to:

  • Share more information with candidates about company values, culture, career path opportunities, employee testimonials, diversity and inclusion information, virtual and flexible work environments, and more.
  • Provide timely feedback and have fewer candidates still waiting on next steps or any closure a month after applying.
  • Provide structured interviews and have recruiters and/or hiring managers give job fit and qualification feedback to interview finalists.
  • Provide timely offers to finalists as well as hiring manager calls and company culture / peer immersion for new hires prior to day one.

Who is eligible for the CandE Awards?

Employers that participate in the CandE Benchmark Research Program are eligible to win a CandE Award when they have an above-average CandE Score, have received a minimum number of candidate responses, and have a ratio of mostly not hired candidates to hired candidates.

Past CandE Winners

Aspen Dental
Foot Locker
Grant Thornton
Hoag Medical Group
Schneider Electric
Southwest Airlines
The Met
US Bank
Western Union


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