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The Upside of Tech Layoffs: How Non-tech Companies Are Bridging Their Digital Skill Gaps

Learn how to take advantage of today’s environment and get ahead of the competition in accelerating digital transformation initiative

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Presented by:
Theresa de la Osa
David Marshall
Theresa de la Osa 
and David Marshall

The talent pool for digital and technical candidates has widened and deepened. Much of this expansion is a direct result of layoffs in the tech sector, creating a once-in-a-generation opportunity for non-tech companies to gain access to talent that would have been inaccessible a year ago.

Let’s face it: every company is a tech company now. With more tech talent available than ever before, companies need to carefully evaluate their strategies and positions within the market. The availability of tech talent isn’t enough–since competing companies now need to attract these highly skilled professionals to their organizations.

Join us to learn how to take advantage of today’s environment and get ahead of the competition in accelerating digital transformation initiatives. (Hint: Attracting this available, highly-sought talent involves more than conversations around compensation.)

Key discussion points of this webinar will include:

  • Dialing in employer branding and employer value propositions that tech workers actually care about
  • Elevating sourcing efforts to identify and target prized digital skills for urgent roles
  • Unlocking pipeline data to pinpoint and resolve bottlenecks and close top candidates before they slip away
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About the speakers
Theresa de la Osa

Theresa de la Osa

Principal Executive Recruiter

Theresa de la Osa has over 20 years of experience in recruiting and has had the privilege of working with some of the most innovative brands in the industry, including Microsoft, VMware, Amazon, Nordstrom, Rockwell Automation, and Slack. Her strength lies in building relationships, and she truly enjoys and excels in identifying top talent and generating excitement about the teams she supports.

David Marshall

David Marshall

Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition


David Marshall currently serves as Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition for Medalogix. With over 12 years of experience in leading recruiting strategy and implementation, and driving Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging initiatives, he treasures the opportunities he has to align people with purpose in the healthcare and tech industry.
This webinar is over.
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