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The Totally Practical, Non-Intimidating, You-Got-This Guide to Virtual Career Fairs

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It’s easy to believe that Covid-19 has made career fairs more difficult to produce — because the pandemic has made so many aspects of work and life more difficult. But in fact, today’s challenging times have actually created new options for putting on successful career fairs.

Increasingly, the question many TA departments now face is not if they can put on a career fair, but how to do it in a way that engages candidates.

Join Maxar Technologies’ Erin Mathew, manager of strategic talent sourcing, and Megan Van Patten, recruitment marketing strategist, as they provide concrete, practical insights for how to execute virtual career fairs based on their own experience. You’ll discover:

  • How to leverage digital elements to create a great candidate experience
  • Which roles have the best chance for success in this format
  • Strategic ways to market your event and build your employer brand
  • Why virtual career fairs aren’t temporary Band-Aids but effective tools to use well beyond the pandemic

Whether your organization seeks to transition from in-person to online career fairs or if you’re just starting to explore such events, Erin and Megan will impart the information you need to create successful experiences for your recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.

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Presented by:

Erin Mathew

Erin Mathew has been in Talent Acquisition since 2014 and has worked in a variety of industries including Healthcare, Marketing, E-commerce, and Aerospace. Erin is currently the Manager of Talent Sourcing at Maxar Technologies and an active contributor to multiple sourcing publications.


Megan Van Patten

Bridging the gap between content marketing and talent acquisition, Megan brings nearly 10 years of copywriting, brand identity, and content strategy experience to the realm of recruiters. She works with stakeholders across the TA organization to deliver valuable content and engaging experiences that attract top talent for Maxar.