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The State of the Interview

Faced with waves of disruption, from a global pandemic to the great resignation and a growing skills-gap, talent acquisition and human resources professionals struggle to meet hiring goals. At the same time, the candidate interview, the most common component of the hiring process, continues to be a source of inconsistency, inefficiency, and unreliable data.

While most interviewers are well intentioned, they frequently find it difficult to elicit information that is indicative of a candidate’s likelihood of success on the job. They often fail to probe the most important topics and lack an understanding of how to rate a candidate in a reliable and accurate manner. In short, most interviewers are not trained in the skills required to:

  • Set candidates at ease
  • Portray their organization as a preferred place to work
  • Discuss the importance of the position in question
  • Discuss the importance of the candidate to the overall success of the organization
  • Elicit job-related information from a candidate through relevant conversation and probing
  • And more..

This lack of skill and training on the part of interviewers increases the likelihood of losing good candidates in today’s fast-paced market and poor employee retention when candidates are hired.

Another significant challenge is simple human nature. Unconscious bias related to a candidate’s work history, appearance, or demographic often creeps into competency ratings, further decreasing the effectiveness of the interview.

With these challenges in mind, our panelists will explore ways to make the interviewing process more effective and informative.

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Presented by:

Dr. Fred Rafilson

Dr. Fred Rafilson, Chief I/O Psychologist, Talview, is a highly skilled industrial/organizational psychologist with many years of experience in all aspects of the assessment industry. Dr.
Rafilson led the research and development as well as the marketing efforts for two of the
nation’s premier employment-test publishing and human resources consulting companies.
After his work with these companies, Dr. Rafilson left to form his own firm, I/O Solutions, Inc.
which, after 20 years, he sold to key employees. In 2016, Dr. Rafilson founded Best Hire, a web-
based employment testing/screening application providing state-of-the-art employment
assessments.  Best Hire was acquired by Aspiring Minds, a multinational talent assessment firm,
focused on developing and implementing state-of-the-science assessment solutions
incorporating AI and NLP technologies where he served as Chief I/O Psychologist. After the firm
was acquired, Dr. Rafilson left to serve as Chief I/O Psychologist at HackerRank, a global leader
in the assessment of software engineer candidates.

Dr. Rafilson has developed and implemented assessment processes for hundreds of companies
and federal, state and county/municipal agencies. He has authored and published over 30
employment exams that assess cognitive abilities and personality traits. He also serves as an
expert for employment litigation cases, he developed an examination that was upheld by the
United States Supreme Court, and he works closely with agencies under DOJ consent decrees.
In addition, he conducts program evaluations for non-profit philanthropic organizations. Dr.
Rafilson has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and has led personnel selection
consulting projects for 30+ years.

Justin Hess

Justin Hess, Ph.D. has dedicated his 15+ year career to personnel selection and development, with a particular focus on personnel assessment. He has extensive experience helping organizations design fair, valid, and scalable processes to match their business needs with the best possible talent. Currently, Justin leads the Talent Assessment function within People Strategy & Analytics at Capital One, which is responsible for advising the enterprise on best practice and data-backed selection solutions. Justin has his doctorate in Industrial/Organizational psychology and has a passion for consulting, leadership development, and product management. On a personal level, he nerds out over coffee, travel, and hiking.

Joshua Lange (he/him)

Joshua has over two decades of Recruiting and Talent Acquisition expertise with the most recent
experience leading an Executive Sourcing function for sales and marketing organizations within Amazon
Web Services. Prior to Amazon, Joshua spent 8yrs in RPO industry and has designed, implemented,
and managed high performing RPO engagements for a broad range of industries including
pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, financial services, and software organizations.
Throughout his career Joshua has developed a proven track record of designing and leading innovative
solutions through integration of technology, recruitment marketing strategies, analytics, benchmarking,
and performance to achieve lasting collaborative partnerships.