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The Myth of Authenticity: When a Best Practice Is Anything But

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The A word. We throw it around a lot at work. We encourage employees to bring their whole selves, their real selves to the office. We believe authenticity is essential to leadership. But we rarely, if ever, stop to contemplate whether authenticity brings real value to the workplace. Or whether it even makes sense to promote. Or worse — whether focusing on it damages business. The promotion of authenticity is the ultimate best practice that is anything but.

Join Vadim Liberman, editor of TLNT and (and former talent engagement manager at Prudential) to discover why it’s time to rethink our approach to talking about, advocating for, and experiencing authenticity at work. You’ll gain insights into:

  • What we really mean when we talk about authenticity at work
  • What we really want when we talk about authenticity at work
  • Why authenticity is an illogical concept to tout in the workplace
  • How authenticity can be detrimental to leadership
  • How authenticity negatively impacts learning and development
  • The danger of including authenticity among your core values
  • What the best leaders and employees — and Meg Ryan! — know about authenticity
  • The value of embracing inauthenticity (yes, you read that correctly)
  • The benefits of rejecting the myth of authenticity and embodying a better alternative to bringing your real self to work

It’s time to ditch the platitudes for some real talk about our real selves. Join us for an informative and illuminating — as well as contrarian and at times irreverent — exploration of an old topic to help develop a new talent mindset and practices.

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This webinar is over.
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