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Talent Mapping Playbook for Influencing Leaders

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As talent acquisition teams head into 2020 the demands placed on them show no signs of decreasing. If anything, more and more responsibilities are being piled upon recruiting leaders and recruiters. This reality demands that talent acquisition professionals focus on the delivery of proactive solutions to solve their company’s talent needs.

By positioning themselves as internal consultants with in-depth knowledge of market conditions, recruiting teams can provide greater value to their hiring managers while solidifying their role as an integral component of the overall mission of the company. Recruiting isn’t just about filling roles anymore. Hiring managers have a thirst for recruiting teams to be more strategic. What better way to showcase these abilities than by offering internal services for talent mapping?

Join us for a free webinar on Wednesday, October 23 as Tory Fedel, talent sourcing manager at Boston Scientific, discusses how to transform research into an in-house project management capability that delivers comprehensive recruitment solutions and bolsters your talent acquisition brand. From the core competencies you need to be successful, to the process for building, analyzing and delivering the final product to your stakeholders, Tory will cover lot of ground in the talent acquisition landscape. Attendees will gain inspiration on how to evolve their own skill-sets and add a new service level to their talent acquisition contributions.

Key Webinar Takeaways:

  • Creating a business case for, and understanding value creation, of in-house talent mapping and market intelligence capabilities
  • Identifying the core capabilities needed to execute talent mapping projects; including tools, methods and data visualization/presentation of results
  • Using consultative skills and competitive intelligence to influence stakeholders

Who Should Attend This Webinar:

  • Recruiting leaders and individual contributors who are seeking best practices for talent mapping, and are seeking to develop consultative methodologies and stronger research skills.

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Tory Fedel

Tory is a former aspiring Archaeologist, but instead of hunting for artifacts, now she digs to find people in the most unconventional ways possible, and teach other people to as well. Don't be fooled, she’s still passionate about archaeology and not offended if you ask her about her adventures around the world! Fair warning, she will drone on and on about living in tents.