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Strategic Talent Acquisition – The Path to Getting a Seat at the Table

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As the world continues to face economic uncertainty, talent acquisition teams are once again seeking stable footing amid company layoffs, hiring freezes, and shifting hiring priorities. 

The often mentioned “seat at the table” is not a metaphor. It’s a literal concept. 

Our group of panelists has been carefully selected to show how recruiting leaders and practitioners from larger organizations establish themselves as trusted partners, so that they can clearly illustrate their benefits to the business, and change their image from one of being a cost center, to one of being linked to revenue and their ability to hire the people who drive profits and market share.

Join Tory Fedel, Allyn Bailey, and Erica Stone Prado as they draw a map of the path to getting, and maintaining, a seat at the table. 

Key discussion points will include: 

  • Identifying business challenges and ways to provide support and solutions 
  • Reporting critical insights on internal and external talent pools 
  • Communicating TA’s impact across the organization
  • Maintaining strategic partnerships with company stakeholders 

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About the speakers
Tory Fedel

Tory Fedel

Sourcing Lead, Talent Accelerator


Tory is a former aspiring Archaeologist, but instead of hunting for artifacts, now she digs to find people in the most unconventional ways possible, and teach other people to as well. Don't be fooled, she’s still passionate about archaeology and not offended if you ask her about her adventures around the world! Fair warning, she will drone on and on about living in tents.

Allyn Bailey

Allyn Bailey

Executive Director Hiring Success


Allyn is a talent futurist, HR technology specialist and practitioner of organizational transformation in companies ranging from multinationals to start ups.  She is the Executive Director of Hiring Success for Smart Recruiters, where she leads a global team of consultants to support companies in navigating their talent acquisition transformations. She has designed and led revolutionary organizational talent acquisition transformations that included inventing and implementing the Talent Acquisition Infinity Loop. Allyn has been a leading voice in the talent and HR industry advocating for innovation and purposeful adaptation that will allow companies to meet the challenges and opportunities the rapidly changing future of work is providing. Allyn brings her finesse as a facilitator, empathy and insight as an experience designer and her unique capacity to see patterns and make previously unrecognized connections to bear for teams, organizations, technologists, and leaders to help them achieve their vision and intent.

Allyn is also a frequent blogger and keynote speaker about all things HR, Talent, and transformation. You can see her latest publications on LinkedIn. She is also the cohost of The Talent Rebelcast a weekly podcast for talent rebels looking to drive change in the industry.

Erica Stone Prado

Erica Stone Prado

Senior Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition and Global Program Manager with 14 years of experience in the B2B SaaS software, payments, and gaming industries. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working with many amazing people and organizations, and I've been fortunate to develop skills in building relationships, driving stakeholder engagement, and fostering strong brand advocacy. Leading change through clear communication and collaboration is key to delivering program success.