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Strategic Talent Acquisition in a COVID-19 World

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As many businesses move ahead with hiring, it’s important for your company not to get left behind. In other words, planning for the next hiring cycle is especially urgent…because that cycle has already begun.

The question is: How do you develop a strategic plan to win the war for talent during today’s challenging times?

We have you covered. Join ADP’s senior talent acquisition business partner Mike Rasmussen as he talks about steps you can take immediate steps to be proactive instead of reactive. Gain practical, applicable insights on how to:

  • Plan strategic hiring around labor forecasting
  • Use data to influence and collaborate with key executive stakeholders within your organization
  • Identify which metrics and methods will enable you to target pools of talent more strategically
  • Develop sourcing and engagement strategies to keep your talent bench ready with a “hook and hold” approach
  • Define roles most important to your organization — and the best recruiting methods and channels to engage candidates for these positions
  • Be seen as the “go to” careers leader in your industry
  • Influence your leadership team with a more strategic hiring and TA voice
  • Help your talent brand thrive while others are “waiting it out”

Today’s environment presents a tremendous opportunity to create real change within your business. With strategic and proactive planning today, you can more effectively lead your organization toward greater success tomorrow.

Note: This is a challenging time for our profession, and the team at ERE Media will continue to provide resources like this to support the recruiting community as we navigate through this together. You will have the opportunity to support our efforts with a pay-what-you-want option when you register for this webinar. Your contribution will help us continue to provide professional development and training resources like this, not only for you but also for others in our profession who are currently unable to pay.

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This webinar is over.
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