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Skilled Talent Pipelines – Planning, Building, and Maintaining

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Building pipelines of skilled talent is one of the most effective ways to bring predictability and consistency to your recruiting organization, and while perfect equilibrium in talent acquisition is unlikely, pipelines of proficient candidates are possible. 

Join us for a free webinar with David Nicola, Michael Peterson, and Adam Artar as they explain the key components to managing skilled talent pipelines. 

Key takeaways of this discussion will include: 

  • How and where to source for high-priority talent and roles
  • Tips for building and maintaining skilled talent pipelines
  • Creative ways to win over scarce talent against the competition
  • Leveraging data to streamline processes, forecast hiring, and improve strategy

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Gem’s Talent Engagement Platform helps recruiting teams use data and automation to engage talent more deeply, build diverse, high-quality pipelines, and hire predictably at any scale.

Gem unifies data and context from the tools recruiters use daily to create a source of truth for all talent relationships. Armed with insights about the entire recruiting process, automation to reach out to talent at scale, and true cross-functional collaboration tools, TA teams can proactively and strategically plan for what’s ahead.

About the speakers
David Nicola

David Nicola

Founder & Owner

DGK Consulting

David has been in Talent Acquisition for 12 years and specializes in building candidate pipelines that come from effective technical sourcing strategies. His background includes agency, corporate, and startup environments. He founded DGK Consulting in 2019, where he simplifies candidate search processes to deliver targeted, high quality "full cycle sourcing" services to clients of all sizes - which include MyVest, PowerNoodle, Skywatch, ZipRecruiter, Helpscout, Iron Creative, Supportlogic, Simpplr, and Reddit to name a few. Originally from the Bay Area, he currently resides on California's Central Coast and is a fan of 80s hair bands, lefty Fender guitars, and San Francisco Giants. 

Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson

Sr. Director, Global Talent Acquisition

Edwards Lifesciences

Using his skills and experience to make a positive impact on the lives of people around the world is Michael Peterson’s passion. He leads the Talent Acquisition Team that supports the Global Supply Chain/Manufacturing Operations and Quality Teams at Edwards and leverages his 28+ years of talent acquisition experience to help the organization improve the lives of people everywhere.
Adam Artar

Adam Artar

Director, Talent Acquisition

Edwards Lifesciences

Adam has been in Talent Acquisition for 17 years, with 14 years in medical devices where he is making an impact on individual careers and patient lives.  He is currently leading the Global Talent Acquisition, Sourcing team at Edwards Lifesciences, building short-term and long-term talent acquisition strategies to engage and attract the worlds best talent.