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Redefining HR in 2021: How to Make This Time Different

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A new year brings new optimism. This will be the moment that you’re finally able to advance your HR ideas in the workplace. This will be the year when you’ll at last deliver the employee experience that your people deserve. This will be the time that you’ll…

Hold on. We all know how New Year’s resolutions typically work: They don’t.

But they can. In his upcoming book, Redefining HR: Transforming People Teams to Drive Business Performance, entrepreneur, speaker, and podcast host Lars Schmidt goes beyond the usual platitudes about transforming HR to highlight real stories of HR leaders creating real change at their organizations.

Join this webinar to learn practical ways to modernize HR at your business. Drawing on his own experience as an HR practitioner, as well as that of others at Hubspot, Mastercard, Siemens, CVS, and other companies, Lars will reveal how to drive true transformation via:

  • People — by reimagining the role of the HR professional, from the CHRO to every HR practitioner

  • Process — by creating policies for the many, not against the few, as well as by identifying whether your “best practices” are actually geared toward inequality and unproductive workplaces

  • Technology — by recognizing that technology is not a solution but a tool to solve problems

Those are some loaded discussion points, and Lars and TLNT editor Vadim Liberman are ready to have an interactive discussion with you to help you tackle them. No nauseating consultant-speak. No regurgitated advice from 1998. No suggestions that will have you rolling your eyes. Instead, this is a great opportunity to learn how to redefine your HR practices for a more successful year ahead.

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Lars Schmidt

Lars Schmidt is the Founder of Amplify, an HR executive search and consulting firm. He's spent over 20 years in the industry working in and alongside a range of leading global companies. He's a writer for Fast Company, author of Redefining HR book and Employer Branding for Dummies, and Host of the Redefining HR podcast. You can find him on Twitter at @Lars.