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AI, Automation, and Chatbots

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If you ask 20 talent acquisition practitioners about Artificial Intelligence (AI) you’ll likely get 20 different responses. And it’s no surprise, since AI is one of the hottest buzzword acronyms in our industry.

As the Talent Acquisition landscape is evolving companies are being forced to either adapt or be left behind by their competitors who are taking the uncomfortable step into “the great unknown”. It might sound risky, unnecessary, or even down-right scary–but armed with insights and knowledge you can easily remove any doubt or uncertainty about industry trends and make well-informed decisions for you and your organization.

Join us on Thursday, June 27 as Mike “Batman” Cohen, founder of Wayne Technologies and keynote presenter, facilitates a free, interactive, and guaranteed fun webinar.

You Will Walk Away With:

  • The understanding of what AI is, what it isn’t, and what it is capable of doing
  • How AI is being used in the Talent Acquisition space to give organizations a competitive advantage as well as save them time and money
  • How to approach management and make a case for the adoption and implementation of these new technologies

Who Should Attend:

  • Recruiting leaders who need to increase productivity, create better retention with your recruitment team, save money, and find better candidates
  • Recruiters who want to better understand Artificial Intelligence, the impact it’s having on our industry, and how to approach their team and management about adopting and implementing these new technologies

Special Bonus to Attendees:

Complimentary process model on how to organize and submit candidate that will both save you time and impress your hiring managers.

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Presented by:

Mike (Batman) Cohen

Mike (Batman) Cohen has been in the talent acquisition space for over 10 years with a focus on the agency-side of the house. For the past several years he's spent his time consulting for organizations in the area of T.A. Training, Process creation & improvement, Change Management, and Tooling.  Batman has been on several recruiting panels, spoke at Scala Up North in Montreal, in France, and ERE 2018 in San Diego.