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Managing Your Managers

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Success for recruiters depends on a strong partnership with a hiring manager who communicates his or her needs clearly. However, all too often, recruiters are expected to be mind readers and magicians, pulling a string of qualified candidates out of a hat at a moment’s notice.

To hire the best candidates, the ones that move the business forward and that managers want to retain, takes more effort from both managers and recruiters. Managers have to be clear about the qualities and expertise they really need, and recruiters need to show, with data, the approach and tactics that will work best to find those candidates. Hiring managers and recruiters need to build better working relationships.

In this webinar, our speaker will help break down some common pitfalls and present some practical solutions that you can put to work now to strengthen your partnership with hiring managers. In particular, we’ll be looking asking:

  • What is the purpose of each step of your interview process?
  • What should a candidate learn about the organization throughout the interview process? When?
  • Do your hiring managers have alignment when communicating about the organizational culture and vision?

Join our free webinar on Wednesday, April 5 for great tips on building more productive relationships with hiring managers to recruit the candidates they really need.

Our speaker, Monica Ryan, will share her experience in sourcing successful talent and enhancing candidate engagement across industries.

Who should attend? This webinar is for recruiters who want to build stronger partnership with hiring managers to drive more quality hiring. Join us on Wednesday, April 5.

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This webinar is over.
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