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It’s Raining Candidates! Hallelujah? Creating a Hiring Strategy When Candidate Supply Is High

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Wendy Dailey
Wendy Dailey

As we continue to move through the pandemic and recession, more candidates are applying for jobs. That’s great, right? Greater choices means greater likelihood that you’ll be able to hire the best talent, right?

If only. Skills mismatches still persist, while entry-level positions especially can attract more candidates than a recruiter can get through and provide a great candidate experience for. In short, an influx of candidates is causing frustrations for both recruiters and candidates.

Fortunately, there are small, impactful things you can do to enable your recruiters. You can create a great candidate experience for every applicant, even if you never speak to them.

Join Wendy Dailey, a talent acquisition strategist at a major healthcare company and co-host of The HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast, to discover how you can use transparency to build a better candidate experience when you have a high volume of applicants. In doing so, you’ll gain insights into:

  • Screening out unqualified candidates effectively without putting them off
  • Identifying and fast-tracking the highest quality candidates
  • Supporting diverse and inclusive recruiting strategies at scale while removing bias from your process
  • Ensuring hiring managers also enjoy the experience despite the high volumes
  • Leveraging data to make better hiring decisions

Join this candid webinar to learn how to infuse transparency into your job postings, applications, and overall hiring process to improve the experience for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.

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About the speakers
Wendy Dailey

Wendy Dailey


The HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast

Wendy Dailey is a talent acquisition professional, writer, blogger, podcaster, wife, mother, Girl Scout leader. Follow her online: #HRSocialHour, #HRWonderWomen, and @wyndall93. And check out her blog at

This webinar is over.
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