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From Commitment to Action: How to Use Diversity Hiring Metrics for Real Impact

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Many are saying “D&I is more important than ever.” But that’s misleading — because diversity and inclusion have always been important. It’s just that many companies either failed to make it a priority, or they weren’t sure how to.


Here’s a hint: The story of diversity at your organization is really a story of diversity metrics at your organization. And the author of that story must be talent acquisition. But how does TA fit DEI into your organization’s recruitment and goals? In this webinar, diversity recruiter Garry Olive will lead a no-holds-barred exploration to help you answer the following questions:


  • Do traditional recruiting diversity metrics still work? Or do you need more nuanced and relevant measurements?
  • Which specific metrics should you be emphasizing — and de-emphasizing — in today’s climate?
  • What are the best ways to source diverse candidates? What doesn’t work as well as you might assume?
  • How can you best interweave diversity hiring metrics with quality of hire, offer declines, candidate dropouts, interview-to-hire ratios, cost of hire, time to fill, etc?
  • What impact has — should — remote work play in measuring diversity hiring?
Whether you’re a TA leader or a recruiter interested in boosting your company’s commitment to — hold on. Let’s rephrase. “Commitment” is a weak word that is no longer sufficient in today’s environment. If you are eager to take concrete action, then this webinar is a prime opportunity to discover how to use diversity hiring metrics to make a true difference at your organization.


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Garry Olive

Garry was born and raised in Los Angeles and has over 10 years of experience as a Recruiter. He has worked at some of the most well known healthcare organizations in the Southern California area in recent years, including roles at USC, Kaiser Permanente and The City of Hope. In addition to being an active social media contributor, and blogger, Garry is the Author of Contract Recruiter, a handbook designed to provide support to contract recruiters in their work. Garry is the father of two adult children, an avid Yoga Practitioner, and also holds a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.