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Contingent Workforce Management: You Have Better Options

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A contingent workforce helps companies fill critical talent gaps, reduce costs and increase overall productivity. In a time when agility and resilience are becoming table stakes for businesses, alternative work arrangements are critical to the future of the workplace.

Yet, despite the increased investment in contingent labor, companies still face many of the same challenges. Most companies lack visibility into the use, spend and performance of this critical workforce segment. Additionally, cost control and fee models are a concern as companies question their staffing agencies and technology partners lack the expertise in-house. The approach to contingent workers has been reactionary with companies responding to immediate needs and ignoring long-term implications. The question, “Are we doing this right?” is becoming even more difficult to answer.

Contingent workforce management is ripe for transformation. Companies must examine what is broken to develop deeper insights and a more effective framework. They must reconsider the ownership, fee models and partnerships that they have in place. This webinar will examine new data in a report collected by Aptitude Research and ERE Media in November and December 2020, exploring the current state and future of contingent workforce management. It answers the following questions:

  • What are the key drivers for investing in contingent workers?
  • What are the challenges that companies face today?
  • What are the different stages of maturity for improving contingent workforce management?
  • What role does ownership, cost, and technology play in the contingency workforce management maturity model?
  • What actions can companies take to become more strategic in the next year?

In this webinar, we will review suggestions and key takeaways that help organizations maximize this talent acquisition channel. If your organization is using contingent labor or is considering incorporating it into your business practice, join us to learn about new research and explore valuable insights on how to best manage your contingent workforce in an effective and strategic way.

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This webinar is over.
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