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Agile Sourcing Teams: Leading Them, and Knowing How and When to Pivot

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Talent acquisition leaders across the world have a lot on their minds: The Great Resignation, The Labor Shortage, The Demand for Diversity, and more.

TA leaders are being called upon to solve a multitude of problems, and they’re looking to Sourcers to funnel more and more passive candidates into their pipelines, so that they can increase their numbers of hires. It often seems no level of success is ever enough. Demands continue to increase. Recruiting teams continue to burn out.

At a time when every hire is critical, and every candidate matters, it’s important to take a step back and assess which sourcing strategies are working well, and which ones are not. If your team, like countless others, has realized that what was effective pre-COVID does not produce the same outcomes in the current landscape, then you won’t want to miss our upcoming webinar.

Join us on Tuesday, November 9th, at 2pm ET as Keri Dann, Talent Acquisition Manager – Sourcing at, discusses everything you need to know about driving results with an agile sourcing strategy.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Establishing a sourcing function with defined services, scopes of work, and internal partnerships
  • Developing, growing, and retaining a sourcing team
  • Implementing sourcing methods that improve efficiency and keep requisition loads manageable
  • Diversifying pipelines using a relationship-first strategy

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Presented by:

Keri Dann

Keri Dann is an experienced Talent Acquisition Sourcing Leader with a unique background comprised of sales and leadership. As a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, she prides herself in working for a company that stands firm in their core values and takes care of their employees. She considers herself lucky to speak with people on a daily basis that are thought leaders, highly effective, and impactful in their career track. She strives to do the same in her role leading people and programs that contribute to diversity and sales org hiring initiatives. When she's not working, she spends time pouring into her family and investing in friendships. She loves to get outside, exercise, and eat delicious meals.