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Advanced Automation & Web Scraping – Easy & Free – Part 2

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Shave hours off your weekly workflow by learning how to effectively scrape contact info, people data, and profile information into nicely-formatted Excel files and Google sheets.

In Part 1 of this webinar series, which aired back in August, we covered the easy methods, mostly using Instant Data Scraper and DataMiner. We were asked to go deeper using examples and tools that require something more complex.

The good news is you can still do it ALL FREE, with the right skills and right tools!

We’ll show you how to access and use a couple of key resources in Google Chrome’s Developer Tools:

  • the Network tab (and how to combine it with Postman or Insomnia, tools that do API calls)
  • the Web Scraper tab (after installing — not your typical Chrome extension).

Now you’re not limited by complex page layouts requiring multi-step automated scraping processes. And with the Network tab, you aren’t even limited (in most cases) by the number of results per page that are normally displayed, and it even returns fields of data per record you don’t really see on the webpage itself! We’ll show practical sourcing examples of both kinds.

It’s all public data & legal (no firewalls breached). It can shave hours off your weekly workflow, whether it’s conferences, events, research sites or social profile repositories (including great tech communities beyond GitHub, but we’ll show you some tricks there, too) that are rich with people data that you thought couldn’t be tapped without time-consuming individual copy-and-pastes, and you’ll have it all in nicely-formatted columns in Excel files or Google sheets — either in seconds, or if it’s more complex, just set it to run, get a cup of coffee and return to download your auto-generated results.

But some steps leading up to that are not instantaneous: you must dig behind the scenes. You’ll learn to get comfortable with the right mouse click > Inspect option on websites!

Both our presenters are uncanny in their ability to take advanced sourcing topics and boil them down to their clear, step-by-step essence, making seemingly complex tools and methods easy to understand and implement at your own desk with practical examples you probably have on your own passive prospect pipelining ticklist.

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About the speakers
Glenn Gutmacher

Glenn Gutmacher

Talent Sourcing Training Mgr.


Glenn Gutmacher is Talent Sourcing Training Manager at NVIDIA and formerly in full-time sourcer or sourcing manager roles at billion-dollar annual revenue firms such as Microsoft, Getronics, State Street, and Huron Consulting. A frequent contributor to SourceCon penning numerous articles and creator of its SourceCon Labs (2009) and Programming & Automation (2017) conference session tracks, he was a pioneer of sourcing training in the ‘90s when he launched the world’s first all-web-based “internet recruiting” course eventually taught to thousands of recruiters.

Bret Feig

Bret Feig

Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition

Zip Co

Bret Feig is VP of Global Talent Acquisition at Zip Co. and director of TA at a few other firms previously. He’s a frequent presenter at recruiting industry conferences, including a SourceCon speaker in 2018 and 2020, and SourceCon Grandmaster finalist in 2019 and named to the OnCon Icon Awards list in 2022, comprised of the top 100 global talent acquisition leaders. When it comes to sourcing, he’s a builder at heart with an insatiable curiosity for data, technology and how both are reshaping the talent landscape.