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Candidate Expectations Versus Employer Realities

In this report, we explore the disconnect between what employers think candidates want and what candidates actually want.

Jan 23, 2024
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Kevin Grossman
By Kevin Grossman

The first of the 2023 Candidate Experience (CandE) Benchmark Research Reports is here and you can download it today.

This special global report highlights candidate expectations versus employer realities and how CandE Winners rise above. The CandE Winners being those employers that participated in our annual research and have the highest candidate experience ratings overall.

The following sections are part of this special CandE report:

  • Perception Gaps: Employer self-ratings compared to their candidates
  • The Recruiting Focus Fluctuation: How recruiting priorities have changed and stayed the same over the past year
  • The CandE Score: Our best kept stack ranking secret
  • Global CandE Winners: What sets the top CandE Award Winners apart

The CandE Benchmark Research Program has been focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience for over 12 years and delivers annual recruiting and hiring industry benchmark research. Over 2,000 companies big and small across industries have participated in our annual benchmark research surveying over 1.6 million candidates to date.

About the authors
Kevin Grossman

Kevin Grossman

Vice President of Research

ERE Media

Kevin Grossman serves as the Vice President of Research at ERE Media, where he spearheads research initiatives dedicated to talent acquisition and candidate experience. Previously, he held the role of President at Talent Board and oversaw the Candidate Experience Awards. The merger of the CandE Benchmark Research Program with ERE Media solidified his commitment to advancing the quality of candidate experiences. With a wealth of expertise spanning over 25 years in human resources, talent acquisition, and associated technology, Kevin is a driving force in promoting and enhancing the candidate journey.