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When Sourcing Tech Talent, Context is King

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Companies are struggling to recruit tech talent with the right skill sets to fill specific business-critical roles. With unemployment for technical staff running at about 1.9%, attracting and then recruiting the right people has become a contact sport for recruiters. How can you quickly identify the right candidates, and more importantly, beat out the competition to bring that talent on board?

Join us for an exclusive webinar on Thursday, August 16, as Chris Schwacofer, senior sourcer at Splunk, shares his expertise on identifying, engaging, and attracting highly sought tech talent.

Chris will cover the following and more:

  • How to better read and understand a resume without adding significant time to your process
  • How to understand the context of your keywords
  • How to use tools to assist in quickly visualizing context within your search results
  • How to easily to find low hanging fruit that is often perfect for picking

Who Should Attend: Anyone who has technical requisitions on their desk, and/or anyone who is leading a team tasked with recruiting and hiring difficult to acquire tech talent.

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Presented by:

Chris Schwacofer

Chris Schwacofer has spent the last 6 and a half years in a pure technical sourcing function supporting both high volume pipeline and niche in-house needs. Amazingly, he was completely unaware of the talent acquisition industry until he found his way into a sourcing career thanks to the suggestion of Matt Ferree. In January 2012, he joined NetPolarity and was trained and mentored by Mark Tortorici and Matt Ferree. He would spend 4 years at NetPolarity as a sourcer, with 2 years of those as the Lead Sourcer and Sourcing and Technology trainer. He has since worked in-house at Amazon Lab126, Facebook, Atlassian, and now Splunk.