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Sourcing for Blue Collar and Hourly Roles

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Blue-collar and hourly job roles are not as easy to source for as other industries.  Many of these workers have little or no online presence. Traditional sourcing methods may not always work when searching for these types of candidates. And paying for a resume board is not always an option for every sourcer or staffing firm.  Never fear, because these roles can be sourced if you have the right tools.

Join us for our very first SourceCon Learning Lab with Mark Tortorici, SourceCon Editor on Wednesday, May 27 at 2 pm ET. He will demonstrate all the methods that you can use when sourcing for blue-collar/hourly workers, including:

  • Searching all social networks (not just LinkedIn)
  • Searching public records and databases
  • Searching groups and associations
  • Searching for emails and phone numbers

This is a SourceCon Learning Lab. There will be limited seating so that the trainer can walk each attendee through the methods and searches presented.  The goal is for every attendee to create the searches live, walk through the results, and replicate the process afterwards.  We use multiple moderators and screen sharing between attendees to make sure that no one is confused or left behind. The planned format for each concept or sourcing method will cover:

  • The Sourcing Method / Tool – The “why” and the mechanics behind the concept
  • Example Search – A real world search that shows the method in action
  • Exercise – A chance to walk the attendees through the example search or customize it for a search of their own
  • Q&A – A chance to answer any questions related to the exercise

Who Should Attend? Sourcing leaders, Recruiters and Sourcers who are hiring FTE or contract workers for warehouses, retail, grocery stores, manufacturing, hospitals, construction, janitorial, customer service, phone support and more.

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Presented by:

Mark Tortorici

Mark Tortorici is the Editor for SourceCon. He is a training, recruiting, and sourcing manager who has been providing expert-level training for sourcers and recruiters since 1997. Mark is also the founder of Transform Talent Acquisition, which specializes in training for high technology computer concepts, advanced active & passive sourcing techniques, and full life-cycle recruitment process. He has created and delivered robust training programs for companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Ebay.