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Elevate Your Candidate Experience with Techniques from an Amazon Recruiter

Date: Wed. August 23rd, 2017
Time: 2 PM ET
Length: 1 Hour
Lindsay Mustain

Candidates looking for new employment know first impressions and how they conduct themselves throughout the hiring process could make or break their chances of being offered a position; first impressions are equally critical for employers. In the current candidate-driven talent market, it is equally important for recruiters and talent acquisition teams to ensure every candidate has a respectful positive experience, from beginning to end, even if the candidate is not offered a position. In a recent study, 60% of the participants reported having a negative candidate experience, with 72% of those with a less than stellar candidate experience stating they had shared their negative experience with friends, family, and online. One person’s negative candidate experience can have long lasting effects for a company in a variety of ways. With online review platforms such as Glassdoor, each candidate experience has the potential to make or break your ability to attract high quality, top tier candidates down the road. If not handled well, the candidate experience can create a long lasting negative impression of a company that goes beyond the hiring process, which can be linked to a company’s sales numbers and revenue.

It is easy to understand why candidate experience is at the forefront of all top-notch talent acquisition strategies. There is a lot of competition among rival companies to acquire top tier talent. Recruiting teams must remain vigilant about managing the company’s public image and the candidate journey in the hiring process. In this webinar, Lindsay Mustain, a veteran recruiter, will share best practices and strategies for improving the candidate experience in order to establish mutually beneficial relationships between talent and employers. You will leave this webinar with a renewed respect for candidates and the know how to communicate that respect while representing your company in the best way possible. This will ensure candidates exit the hiring processing, employed or not, with nothing but positive things to say about you and your company.

Key Take Aways

  • Candidates are customers: discussion on the symbiotic relationship between consumers and candidate
  • Stages in the recruiting lifecycle where you can most impact the candidate experience
  • Candidate Bill of Rights

In a world where candidates are also consumers and buyers, maintaining an exceptional candidate experience is not only a best practice for recruiting teams, it’s a practice with many implications for a company’s bottom line. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your strategic plan for candidate experience with an interactive encounter with Lindsay Mustain, recruiting celebrity, speaker, and author, Wednesday, August 23, 2017.

Who should attend? Recruiters and talent acquisition teams who want to get out ahead of the competition by improving the quality of candidate experience. Leaders of recruiting teams who set the tone and SOP for attracting high talent candidates and then closing the deal. Everyone involved in the hiring cycle impacts the candidate experience and can benefit from a deeper understanding of the candidate’s perspective.

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