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ATS Selection and Implementation

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The Business Case

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the heart and soul of a recruiting function. Without one, you simply can’t manage the process and have minimal leverage. Whether you are redesigning your existing ATS or embarking on a new ATS implementation, it is too significant of an investment to not get it right.

While your ATS partner is an expert on how their platform operates, they are not responsible for connecting all of the elements that together create your recruiting ecosystem. A successful implementation supports a recruiting strategy that ties to the organization’s growth strategy. It enables you to tell the recruiting story in a manner that resonates with your C-suite stakeholders. It eliminates duplicate efforts, mitigates risk, improves throughput, is transparent, and enhances the stakeholder experience. It also takes into consideration the change effort required across the organization. Companies who move too fast without putting in the hard work end up with automated chaos.

The Webinar

Global Recruiting Excellence experts and Talent Acquisition strategists, Elaine Davidson and Melissa Thompson, come together to help shed some light on how to evaluate your current ATS, determine if you need a new ATS and ultimately, how to ensure an optimized solution. They will bring an authentic, uncensored voice to the conversation that will help recruiting professionals make sense out of all the options in front of them. They will walk participants through a methodical approach to navigating an ATS implementation through the lens of Recruiting Excellence, which is rooted in a disciplined, structured approach to hiring.

Participants Will:

  • Be challenged to consider if their current solution is really the problem
  • Gain clarity around when it’s time for a new ATS (or a first time ATS)
  • Learn the difference between various types of solutions
  • Explore the kinds of questions to ask when researching different solutions
  • Better understand how to define their stakeholder group
  • Learn how to prepare the business case for a new ATS
  • Develop a deeper understanding of what an optimized implementation entails
  • Become savvier in their overall understanding of recruiting technology amid an ever-changing landscape

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is for Recruiting professionals and TA / HR Leaders who are questioning the efficiency of their current ATS and for those who are “shopping” a new technology solution. In either case, it is for those who want to optimize their solution and avoid automated chaos.

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Presented by:

Elaine Davidson

Elaine Davidson is a global expert in Recruiting Excellence. As founder and CEO of Beacon Lane Consulting, she works with multinational organizations across industries and sectors, designing and implementing recruiting strategies and processes that help her clients hire talent better, smarter and faster. Leveraging her proprietary Recruiting Excellence 3.0 methodology, Elaine rebuilds recruiting functions through the lens of Standard-Stable-Optimal, ensuring that clients have a solid recruiting foundation and are able to strategically innovate while saving time and money.

Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson is a strategic and collaborative senior executive with more than 25 years' experience in Global Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. Her current focus is driving a Talent Acquisition transformation that will support the businesses digital transformation journey. During her career she has held recruiting leadership roles at Dell, Citrix, Siebel, and Lenovo. She is a results-oriented, strategic Talent Acquisition leader with expertise in designing and executing cutting-edge recruitment programs. Melissa has held progressively broader recruiting roles in the technology space over the past 15 years. During her tenure, Melissa developed a flexible staffing model using collaboration and alignment skills, and transformed the global organization onto one seamless Applicant Tracking System.