• Mohamed Baqer

    Thank you Derek, I like what you have written. To be honest this advice is highly valuable for CEOs and CFOs. I hope they listen to it. They need to!

  • Kevin Sinclair

    Validates the research that coaching, organisational and positive psychology has presented over the last 10 to 15 years. Interesting that organisations continually look at investing in capital equipment – new systems, new software, new plant and equipment, but resist looking at new and more effective ways of investing in their relationship with their human capital.

  • http://thethrivingsmallbusiness.com/articles/ Patricia Lotich

    Great article and so true. If more organizations put time, thought and effort into improving employee engagement they would experience surprising results. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mårten Westberg

    Loads of great research into the fact that engagement works. Less on how.

    One thing these huge US consultancies tend to mention less is how engagement allows corporations to cut expensive control structures, such as several layers of management.

    Knowing employees will do the right thing allows for decisions to be made closer to the customer. The result is a more agile, customer focused and cost efficient organization.

  • Brian Cohn

    This is far more important when you’re trying to drive change and accelerate your business results. If everyone is not engaged in reaching the destination, you will need to row the boat far harder.

    Brian Erik Cohn

  • Lebbaeus Asamani

    Great article! Very resourceful