• Karlyn

    This article is fundamentally flawed because it assumes that happiness and constructive conflict are mutually exclusive. Happy teams can have constructive debates! In fact, that most productive teams in the world have both. People don’t check their humanity at the door when they go to work – articles like this are simply a cop-out for leaders who don’t want to expend the energy creating an amazing work experience for their teams. It gives them a rationalization, an excuse. And those are the leaders that people should stay clear of at all costs.

    • Catherine

      Thank you Karlyn for stating this important distinction so eloquently. I can’t agree more. This article also supports the paradigm where profit via way of effectiveness is the only goal and measure worth pursuing when producing in the world. The current state of our planet and wellbeing clearly disagree with that paradigm. So, which world do we want to create and live in? It’s time we embrace what we already know is the right thing to pursue: happiness, fulfillment and productivity. Profit is only a consequence, a natural outcome of producing good work.