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    4 good reasons for every developer to use a time tracker

    Probably all software and web developers heard that automatic time tracking simply doesn’t stick in this type of work. They believe that programmers’ output can be very irregular and may be strongly different from day to day or even from hour to hour, the work involves a lot of backtracking and so on.

    But it is only one side of coin. The full truth is that time tracking may still bring huge benefits to a web company, far outweighing the disadvantages, both real and imaginary.
    How Productive are You and Your Employees

    It doesn’t matter if you are a freelance contractor or a CEO of a software vendor firm, it always pays to know exactly how much you can do in a set amount of time. It will allow you to better negotiate deadlines with your future customers, help to understand your limitations, and provide you with hints as to how you can overcome them.
    It Helps to Track Time Spent on Individual Projects

    If you know how much time you or your developers spends on each and all projects you work on, you will be able to see if this way of work is effective at all. If projects that don’t pay very good take inordinate amount of time, it might be a good idea to drop them in favor of something that can be done quicker and for more monetary rewards. Or you can concentrate on polishing your operations and making them less time-consuming.
    It Won’t Take A lot Of Time or Energy

    In the past, time trackers did more harm than good, particularly in big international companies. To efficiently track time of big enterprises, one needed collaboration of staff, additional personnel to keep an eye on the procedure and prepare generalized reports, and a lot of paperwork.

    Today, by good fortune for all involved, there are many time trackers for developers that well simplify the entire process and make it easy to both implement and support time tracking solutions. In other words – to start tracking your time you will have to just install the time tracker and put in a little bit of information every now and then. No manually-drawn spreadsheets, entangled timetables or spying on your staff.
    It Helps to Keep a Hand on Your Budgets
    Every single project has a its own budget which inevitably influences long- and short-term work. In order to estimate budgets and actively monitor it in the course of project implementation an efficient time tracking solution is priceless – you will fast learn the value of it once you start working on relatively big projects with high production values.