• Greg Harris

    Passion is definitely a component of engagement. Others call it “advocacy” or “grit”. But it will be a step backwards to say that passion is a stand alone metric. Good luck pitching it to your CEO.

  • maureensharib

    Most employees are still disengaged (March 2016.)
    Most employees are still passionless.
    Most employees are still just looking for Friday to roll around so they can collect a paycheck.
    We like to kid ourselves (a lot) around here.
    We like to write a whole bunch of words claiming otherwise but the truth of the matter is most people dream about other jobs and most of them wish they had one.
    That’s our business – other jobs.
    That’s why we kid ourselves.
    We’d like to think it’s something other than it is – but it’s not.
    It’s just the daily bump and grind.

  • Amy Toncray

    Passion is a broad term. People can be passionate about what they do, but still be disengaged in their company. I hear a lot of things thrown around and have talked to a lot of people about jobs – what they like, don’t like, what makes them happy, what makes them tick, what pisses them off (I’m a recruiter, after all). One of the primary complaints is that most employees at most companies feel like they are only a means to an end. A human resource. Not talent. Not a valuable asset. Just a way for a company to get something done. And, to a point, everyone deals with that (companies are in business to make money, we understand that). But sometimes, sometimes people want to feel appreciated by their company. A thank you for a job well done. A vote of confidence by being asked an opinion about an important topic in their group. Really being listened to by their management and peers. Perhaps it’s time companies should feel passionate about their employees. They might just find their employees engaging in their company.

  • Daan van Exel

    I suspect the relationship with pay could be – at least in part – the other way round. Passionate people have more drive, get more done, inspire otherts etc etc and so are overrepresented in higher paid groups. Sure, it works both ways, being well rewarded doesn’t hurt passion in workers. But still.