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    The Time Tracker Enables You to Take a Break When It Is Really Needed

    When you work as a freelancer or run your own business, the last thing you want to do is to adopt corporate working style. The main goal, of course, is to get more freedom, not less. A time tracker can allow you to do that. You do, however, have to use it correctly.

    The first step is simply to start using it. This is often the hardest step, as most employees who switch to self-employment or small business ownership are not trying to recreate their former hourly employment-based existence. There are very good reasons to go ahead and start time tracking the work you put in on projects.

    Increased Pay

    For freelancers, “holidays” mean “lost pay”. This is why it’s so important to make sure you get paid what you’re due. Having the right accurate time tracker setup is a great way to make sure you don’t end up shorting yourself on hours.

    Shorting sometimes takes place because employees doing the work fail to track their time accurately and they don’t want to overbill. It can create a situation when good intentions make work a lot less commercial than it should be. The hours that are not billed for are lost and the money that should have come from the sweat put into work is not likely to ever be recovered.

    A CrocoTime time tracker allows you to track time very precisely. This can guarantee that you don’t put in abnormally long work days when they are not needful and, of course, it guarantees that you bill correctly for the time that you put in.

    This also increases the efficiency and accuracy of your bidding process. When you can look back and understand exactly who long a particular task took, it’s a lot easier to provide an accurate bid for same model of work in the future.

    Time When You’re Not Working

    For all freelancers or small business owners, it’s likely that they have to spend some of their time doing work that is off the clock. This can include research that is related to but not immediately billable to a project and so on. Tracking how much time you spend doing work is vital and can help to make better business decisions.

    For instance, imagine that you spent 2 hours studying a new software but that time was not billable to the project you were working on. This isn’t much time, but imagine that the “lessons” keep happening over and over again. Over time, you may end up having wasted many days on non-billable work.

    CrocoTime may help you to figure out whether or not it’s worth it to bid on some tasks. If the amount of side work that you’d have to do for main work would make the total pay for the job not worth it, you’ll know that at the outset rather than finding out after you’ve invested the time. This can help you to see when you should bid on a work or when the extra work it would entail makes it not worth putting in a bid at all. That time you don’t spend billing can be put toward something profitable rather than wasted on preparing for a task that isn’t going to pay well.

    Good subcontracting

    With a good time tracker, there really isn’t much of a studying curve involved. A good time tracker should also allow employees to share their data with others engaged in the same project.
    If you’re subcontracting a job out, having the subcontractors use the same time tracker can help to make sure that everyone in your team knows what everyone else is doing. This can remove redundant work and, in the worst case scenarios, may show when someone is trying to overbill for their work. If you see several employees being billed for the same task it’s an indication that there is a problem. If someone in a project’s team is billing hours but work doesn’t move forward as one would expect given work time put into it, it also indicates that there is some kind of mistake.

    A time tracker can secure you in cases where you end up paying for work that really wasn’t done or that didn’t need to be done and just served as a method for employee to fluff their hours.
    It’s important to track work time so that you know how you spend it. It’s also good to see when it’s time to rest for a while knowing that you’ve got something accomplished allowing you the mental space to relax, recharge and think about your family, hobby, etc.


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    First Article I have read about Metrics that made complete sense. These are true Objective qualifiers and Quantifiers the demonstrate employee loyalty; employee satisfaction; and ultimately company profit. I see too many trying to create subjective metric profiles on job positions, titles.. but don’t look at the most important aspects, that are not the same in different locations.. What is the management there like? what is the reputation of the company! How does the company treat the employees in that location. Wow.. Excellent article