• PJ Mac

    This is an excellent time for employers to create the foundation and practices inside organizations that result in retention. Turnover (retention) is an outcome, it is the result (good or bad) of everything an organization does and doesn’t do. There is an excellent book on this topic entitled “Taming Turnover – Creating Strategies for Employee Retention” … here’s the link for anyone who is interested.


  • Elyssa Thome

    You’re right! Coaching wouldn’t have been my first pick but an important tool for sure. Consistent and meaningful recognition also lets employees know you care about their contributions and may keep them from looking to greener pastures.

  • Jacque Vilet

    Look on the bright side. If turnover is picking up that must mean there are companies hiring — good luck for the unemployed.

    • ATL6245

      I am unemployed and ironically, this is not as good a thing as it may seem. In my industry, I know which employers you want to avoid and which ones you want to go to. I find myself competing with a lot more people who have a job; but hate their current company and are applying for the same open position I am. “Hey- all you people WITH jobs, stay put for a while!” : )

  • http://www.gatelyconsulting.com/ Robert Gately

    Coaching the right people is wonderful.
    Coaching the wrong people is a time waster.
    Therefore we need to hire and coach the right people.

  • Dianne Crampton

    These stats are right on target with what we have been projecting. At the ASTD conference one vender’s statistics showed less turnover, touting that even Gen Y wants to stay with a company that recognizes them and that has a plan for their achievement. If this is true, then it is the nature of understanding recognition, engaging families in the recognition process at certain achievement phases and then offering good training that improves an employee’s job performance and ensuring transference. This is where coaching comes in. In my view coaching is different from mentoring and its function is to anchor and advance and employee’s learning and development. So thank you for the new polling. This seems more realistic than what was being suggested at the ASTD conference in Dallas.

  • In-House Recruitment Group

    And in reality, many organisations wont be reading this, therefore they wont provide the coaching and so they need to get their recruitment functions sorted, but then again, they aren’t reading this so I suppose they will just pick up the pieces later. Ahh the benefits of subscribing to TLNT