• gretaroberts

    Agreed! We need to move beyond engagement to action. Many blindly call engagement a leading indicator – but it isn’t necessarily so. Maybe it is sometimes, for a specific company, in a specific role, at a specific time – but we need to stop making wild assertions that because engagement did correlate for someone else – it also correlates for us.

    Predictive analytics allows us to predict action. We can do better.

  • CommentsUnlimited

    I enjoyed your article. Yes, Engagement has become to HR buzz word. As an HR professional, I know that just because an emplyee is happy or satisfied…doesnt translate into them actually performing. Many happy and/or satisfied employees are content. And…it is my belief that content employees are not employees called to action (which is what a business needs). We need to be more concerned about what calls an employee to action vs. employee satisfaction concerns. Great article and I will keep it in my cache of go to pieces of HR resources.

  • JR250

    DecisionWise, eh? Alright, I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this company
    and tell others to keep away for anyone doing business with you.

    There’s a difference between giving employees smoothies to keep them satisfied and addressing the real issue behind employee dissatisfaction: incompetent managers. Many times, managers have superiority complexes that drives them to think that demeaning employees and managing by fear is the best way of maintaining productivity.

    Wrong. Start by hiring employees that are professionals and expect them to deliver product. Compensate them appropriately for this work and don’t trick them out of pay. Get off your high-horse and read “20-Minute Manager” while applying Agile principles in your company. If your wife won’t blow you, hire a whore that will so you come in with a good perspective in the morning.