• Tim Kuppler

    The engagement focus is crazy unless it is coupled with an understanding of the underlying culture where it’s actually expected for leaders NOT to engage in meaningful ways. It’s just a matter of time for things to shift from this engagement insanity (and other areas of focus on the work CLIMATE) to a culture, leadership, purpose and performance focus that’s will eventually become common across most organizations. Engagement will be just another outcome of the culture like satisfaction, motivation, perceptions of teamwork/collaboration and other areas.

  • jimjr11

    We all should be asking ourselves. why is it there’s so much controversy about EE. It seems everyone agrees it’s a big problem.. You can find literaly tens of thousands of opinions and hundreds of vendors willing to help. What you can’t find is anyone talking about the before and after EE levels following an EE initiative. As proof that the surveys, consulting, speeches, best selling books don’t produce results, even they don’t talk about results. Improving EE is a byproduct of actions taken. What reason is there to be concerned about EE? Supposedly, companies with higher EE levels are more successful. WOW, who wouldn’t want to do an EE initiative? Making the change is really quite easy. The initiative has to be sponsored by the CEO. Does anyone really believer HR is positioned to make big, unpopular with management things happen. Of course not. Here’s the key from 22 years experience turning the EE tide. The CEO is the sponsor, asks only a single question, a third party reporting to the CEO receives all the responses and follows through with management every worthwhile suggestion. Managers have only two days to make the change and the third party eescalates blockers, including officers, to the CEO when a debate is unresolved. Internal communications announces the changes whenever they occur. When employees actually see the changes being made almost daily, the input soars. Especially when the results include sacred cows being killed, silly policies being killed or altered and occasionally a corporate bully being sent home. The results we get are measured in the hundreds of millions, in one case previously announced layoffs of 3000 was reduced by 1800 just from employee suggestions. EE is not a middle up process, unless the people see stuff changing, and the bigger the better, they don’t get highly involved in the process. I can understand why the survey companies, authors, consultants and speakers are targeting HR, they are in the business of providing information and HR is in the business of buying information. What’s needed however are results and based on all the studies and research, damned few are producing results. http://www.emgc.com