• Judy Martin

    John, excellent feature. Taking the time to hammer out solutions is so undervalued. Soon all will be out of time with an exhausted workforce. What this spells out is a more stressed working experience for the workforce. That means potential health risks and more of a dent in a competitive edge in a complex marketplace.

  • Avinash Gupta

    well..it surely is a topic to be unraveled. The positives are just endless for both the parties, it just about identifying and addressing the same, in the best manner possible.

  • Sherrita

    This is a really good article. I know a lot of people at my current job are not happy and rather than voicing their frustrations with managers and supervisors they complain to each other. I was just thinking yesterday that my company needs to do an employee satisfaction survey to understand how the workers really feel in the workplace. I noticed that in the last month or so a lot of people have left the company for other jobs.