• http://twitter.com/robbartlett Rob Bartlett

    I saw a great comment from @jamienotter: “You don’t create engaged employees, people are engaged by default. They are just not engaged with what you are putting in front of them”
    We need to stop thinking about engagement so much, so that we can get to get engagement.
    Do what’s right:
    Have competive pay and benefits
    Hire managers who respect employees. Respect means managers explain the “why” of tasks, the goal of the team as it fits into the strategy of the orgnaization
    Treat employees equitable as individuals
    Follow the basic principle of don’t be a jerk.  

    If we get that done engagement will follow

  • derekirvinegloboforce

    Agreed, Rob. That’s why I usually put it more in terms of “create an environment and culture in which your employees WANT to engage.”

  • http://twitter.com/JUMPRewards JUMP Rewards

    A great post on an important topic!  We’d like to add that number of organizations are experimenting with giving greater levels of autonomy to their employees as a
    means to engage and cultivate their talents. Employees who believe they are
    free to make choices in the workplace environment – and be accountable for those
    choices – are often more productive and more personally invested in their role. 

    In a recent Whitepaper, we identified the 3 foundational building blocks to creating a satisfying work environment as:

    1.Help me understand what’s expected of me, but value my input
    2.Give me the right training and tools to perform my job    
    3.Give me regular, informal feedback and recognition

     Once that foundation is firmly established, these 3 building blocks will drive a sense of ownership and accountability:
    1.Autonomy to do my best work
    2. Continuous opportunities to share ideas
    3. Personal short- and long-term goal setting
    Source: http://www.jumprewards.com/PDF/EngagingGenerationY.pdf
    This structure isn’t radical thinking.  Organizations like Google have been focusing on autonomy as an engagement driver for years.  Autonomy doesn’t have to mean every man/woman is an island – rather, it can be collaborative; every man/woman is an important

  • http://twitter.com/InnovizeTech Sapience

    A recent study conducted by Gallup highlighted that many of India’s
    successful organizations are losing employee engagement and are unaware
    of the reason.

    Employees need to feel engaged with the work they do,
    peers they work with and the organization they work for.