• Mary Appleton

    Excellent post, John. I’m not surprised to see that you’ve found low engagement to be the second most common business challenge. We’re also noticing that today’s employees are not driven by salary alone; they look for meaning from their careers and want employers who invest in their development. In order to attract and keep the right talent, HR will need to find new ways to engage employees, which in turn stimulates productivity, increases morale and, perhaps most importantly, gives employees a sense of ‘value’ beyond monetary reward.

    I also agree with your points about a ‘glocal’ approach for organisations. Businesses need to acknowledge that recruitment and talent management strategies that work in one area might not be suitable for another, so develop HR strategies appropriate for the local areas while still retaining the employer values, identity and ethos. In this recent article, Christoffer Ellehuus of Corporate Executive Board’s Corporate Leadership Council argues:

    “When recruiting in the West, companies need to take a more strategic approach towards recruiting and move away from the mass branding they have undertaken previously to attract candidates. In Asia however, companies need to focus on promoting their employment brand, communicating their commitment to Asia, their focus on individual employment development and their overall employment value proposition.” Interesting stuff.

    Here’s the article in full: http://www.changeboard.com/content/4064/

  • Anonymous

    John, this is a great article! I was very glad to see “social performance management”as a predicted trend. Here at Rypple, we believe that social management is the next-generation approach to communication, goal setting and performance management.

    It’s great to see more and more HR professionals embrace social media as a “set of disciplines” instead of another Internet trend that won’t last. Considering how much impact social media has had already and the potential it has to improve team communications and the way we work today, it’s amazing that so many companies still block social media at work and discourage internal social networking.

    Check out an article from our Rypple blog on how social networks are transforming corporations: http://rypple.com/blog/2011/11/how-social-networks-are-transforming-corporations/

  • DeniseL White

    Excellent article, and well worth digging deeper into each predictions more closely.  I was also intrigued by #10 on Social Rewards, Social Learning, Social Performance Management,
    Social Recruiting, Social Career Management.  It will be interesting to see how these areas further evolve into a set of disciplines.

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    good article regarding the HR