• Anonymous

    “But we need to do X to stay competitive here,” everybody qualifies individually after agreeing with everything in the article. Which is how those things continue.

  • ineeda

    Rite Aid

  • jbeme

    Self employed.
    I’ve worked for two places I liked. Both were franchises.
    My favorite job was working for a Checker’s(chain food restaurant) in high school. When I quit, I didn’t have any complaint other then it was a minimum wage job.

    But here’s the kicker, even though it was a pretty good place to work and I liked the boss. He was still stingy. When I told him I was quitting, he offered me a 20% raise without hesitation (i probably could have negotiated more). If he needed me that badly, should have offered me the raise before I quit.
    And that’s what a “good” company looks like.

    I can’t imagine finding a company that doesn’t break any of these rules.

  • wg

    Don’t forget. Overwork your good employees, and show them that the reward for good work is more work – and don’t fire the lazy ones.

    • S

      Thank you. I feel companies are afraid to fire people without a “concrete” reason when not doing your job should be a good enough reason. It’s the lazies that get sue happy.

    • Lupo

      My experience is that some managers won’t fire incompetent workers because they feel that will reflect badly on them. Then there is always the pain of having to go through putting an employee on a “program”.

  • diasy mae

    The Lazies are kept and the ones that do the best work are passed over for raises and praises. Treated like we don’t matter, yet we work our butts off to make them thrive. Multi-billion dollar companies that look at the bottom line and not at who got them there

  • Geoff Jacobs

    The risk of summary articles such as these is that they become self-fulfilling. Employees who experience some or all of these descriptors conclude that all companies are like this, as the article reinforces their experience. At the same time, employees who work in progressive organisations where very few of these descriptors apply may be tempted to write the article off as inaccurate and a case of sour grapes. The challenge for HR practitioners and business leaders is how to use the provocative ideas in the article to generate conversations in the workplace. A teaser question such as “To what extent is the organization described in the article an accurate reflection of our Company?” If it is, what could we be doing differently to change this? If it is not, how do we ensure that we remain a Company that is progressive and cutting edge in our HR practices and in the culture we enjoy? So in short, a great article which should be used to generate lots of conversations about what it means to be a great company. By the way, I work in a Company where very few of the descriptors are an accurate reflection of the way in which we treat talent – we do all of these things and more, and yet we lose very talented people from time to time. I guess it’s all about the rules of economics, namely supply and demand.

  • Observer

    Thank you for this post, Michelle.

    I hear all the comments here. I can relate to many people who wrote these comments.

    At my workplace, I know myself and hear from many, many of
    my co-workers, Doctors, Nurses saying that I am a good worker, very neat, organized,
    work hard and have good work ethics.

    But one of my leaders just hates me (I don’t know why), and
    gave me more and more work to do constantly to the point I felt burnt out and
    had to refuse sometimes when she kept adding more work for me, and I was broken
    down. And she said I was

    Someone said that’s a way I got praising because I am so
    good at what I am doing, and they knew I was capable of doing a lot of
    things. LOL… hahaha… When you are too good at your job, you get more work to do,
    but not to get a raise.

    In the meantime, one of my co-workers is very incompetent,
    always talks about her sickness at work to get sympathy or pity to get away
    with heavy work, but she really knows how to sweet talk and bribe the management,
    so she even got some of her duties decreased.

    Several of my close/friendly co-workers, even someone in the
    rank above me told that is because I did not speak up for myself and just keep
    accepting what that mean leader adding more duties on me, that’s why I had such
    a BIG workload. Most of my
    co-workers understand how hard-working person I am, and I could feel they were
    feeling pity for me. And I never
    want pity feelings from anyone.

    I always thought to myself I wanted to do my best, but…
    eventually I learned that somebody might think I was stupid: be quite, work hard and don’t phone in
    sick. Well, I might be or might
    not. However, I woke up and
    learned a lesson: enough is
    enough. I need to stand up and
    speak up for myself. And I did.

    I love my job and like my company because most of my
    co-workers are nice and my upper Management is quite supportive and fair. They listened to me and investigated at
    what I reported to them and made my job fairer than before. So I decide to stay. I always think I am here to work for
    the company and serve our company’s customers, not for that mean leader; and I
    try not to let one rotten apple to spoil my thoughts.

  • Been There

    Yes to the overworking your employees, then berate them when their work quality suffers. I worked for a major online retailer once and they actually spreadsheeted if you went to break on time, and your monthly bonus was affected by that. So if a customer had an extra need/issue and you stayed on to give them excellent service, it was a ticking clock and I recall my stomach tightening every time my break time came up. So a break was another task I was assessed for. Fine for new employees, or for a probation period for employees with absenteeism, but for chronically high performers, this made me feel like I was 5 years old.

  • Big Jim

    I can add ask your hourly worker who have worked 7 hours if they wan to stay over, then when they say no tell them you to stay another 8 or you are fired.
    Or you have two day off and show up and you are on a schedule for 7 days with 12 hour days Staring Right NOW!!