• Jacob Madsen

    The word care is a strong and many facetted word and a good one as it can be applied in so many different ways. Care is also about going that extra mile and caring about interest and preparation if job seeking. Care is at the heart of many businesses as it is the caring that makes a difference whether a success or failure. Call it care or not, but it was actually care that brought Apple to where they are today, and for that matter any globally or locally leading company, why care is all that matters.      

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    It would be impossible to elicit care from employees if the employer of the business organization cannot define its benefits and perks for employees, as a display of “care”. 

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    By identifying people who care about your business, you’re also increasing the quality of your job applicants. Your current employees can vouch for your business, give more specific referrals, and become an advocate. You can take it a step further by ensuring the content of your job descriptions is relevant and to the point.

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      Sure. Right there. But hold on, acquiring great people is one but retaining them is another care.