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    Great article.

    HR tech is so important now a days.

  • Jessica Palmeri

    Hey Craig,

    Great article! I work for an ATS company and I see my clients find great success using HR tech to automate certain aspects of the hiring process. This helps them stay on task and also create positive experience for the candidate.

    A few weeks ago, a client actually emailed me and shared this story:

    She used one of our automation features to send out a “check-in” email to several applicants a week or so into the application process, just to let them know that they were still under consideration for the position. Although it was sent out automatically after the candidates were selected from a large list, the note was designed to feel personal, and keep applicants aware of their stage in the hiring process.

    One applicant actually wrote back saying:

    “Thank you so much for updating me on the hiring process. This speaks leaps and bounds for XX Company by making the selection process so personal.

    In my job search I haven’t had the pleasure of any company keeping me informed in their hiring process. This is the exact kind of company I would like to work for on a long-term basis…”

    These are exactly the type of success stories that I see when people use HR Tech in the right way, to automate the right tasks, while still making the hiring process feel very personal.

  • Andrew Doyle

    I would love to hear employees or user advocates giving perspectives on what works rather than providers.

  • Guilherme Duarte

    First of all congratulations on the great article, I totally agree with everything that was said. I would only one important aspect of employee happiness which is the recognition, specially the one made public, from leader to employee and from coworkers. In order to have a recognition type culture in a company I think it has also to be initiative from the the team leader. If it is done in a fun and simple way, all peers will come on board and all team will be happier 🙂 There are some apps that try to implement this aspect in a company’s daily routine and one of them is Tap My Back. If you want to take a look just to go http://www.tapmyback.com! Great article, keep them coming 🙂