• PH

    Hi Patty, thanks for sharing your experience and for these tips.

  • http://www.facebook.com/roger.habgood Roger Habgood

    great article
    Im an extrovert and the rules apply equally
    thanks for the reminders

  • Ian Blei

    as another introvert who does public speaking, (workshops, etc.) I really appreciate your perspective, Cole.  Shifting the focus to being of service (rather than being impressive) has served me as well; the perfect win-win.  Authentic connection feels natural.  glad-handing and throwing business cards back and forth – not so much. 🙂

  • Shamam Khan

    Thank you  Patty Azzarello for sharing your experiences in networking. Not many people with your business profile found following it. But yes, generally, it feels great when your boss or an ex-boss comes to you asking your well being. However, I wonder, how many at the receiving end do appreciate such a gesture as genuine and not imply it for some ‘hidden’ agenda.

  • Mugz64

    Very insightful article!

  • Meredith Carter

    This is a great article. Thank you so much (see practicing my thankyous already!) but truly lots of great suggestions. I will check out eyejot though I find photos of myself a bit confronting.

  • Jeffrey Furtado

    Hi Patty, this article is a well written article on how a person can slowly build a network of people.

  • Kathy Kopp

    This is a great article! Thank you!

  • frits

    putting the tips into work 🙂 very nice and informative article will buy youre book for sure


  • amna shabbir

    nice article, thumbs up!

  • Rita Pearson

    It is good to know I do lots of these things already! I never knew I was networking.

  • Musetta

    Great article, very useful! I ve practiced most of the same points for years and fully agree with you, Patty! And yes, KINDNESS doesn t cost much, but it brings back a lot, in every way!

  • Astrid English

    Busy people so often forget how important it is to consciously stay in touch with like minded people. Then, when removed from their comfort zone, in an alien environment, networking becomes a challenge. Then self esteem becomes an issue, when networking falls down. In reality, I’m sure people are like me, more than willing to share and support if only we realise how to approach. It’s a simple as your ten steps. Congratulations on a valid article.

  • Brigitte Treumann

    I totally agree – social media help but nothing beats “in person” communication and participation, just as you suggest.

  • Christine Onimbo

    Great article. I sent Christmas /New year massage to my connections and group members. The response from them is amazing