• http://www.enmast.com/ Devan Perine

    Great points, Scott — and especially on the fourth one about recognizing performance. You’re exactly right that not all employees prefer to have the same types of recognition. For Gen Ys — this one is really really important. We can tell when our bosses are just saying “good job” or “well done” for the sake of saying it. It’s almost better to not say it at all if it’s not heart-felt.

    • Steve Semelsberger

      Very much agree, Devan, both on the Gen Y perspectives and on the kudos for Scott associated with his recognition perspectives above. We spend quite a bit of time listening to and learning from our Millennials, especially as they have a very acute radar for authenticity. If you’re interested further, we’d love your take on a recently published collection of Millennial perspectives, highlighting drivers like interaction, culture and contributions: https://youearnedit.com/blog/6051-get-ready-world-millennials-are-ready-for-change/

      • http://www.enmast.com/ Devan Perine

        Thanks, Steve! Always love Gen Y/Millennial insights — I’ll check it out!

  • http://www.mbmc.at/ Markus Baldauf

    Many thanks for this great article. Best regards from Vienna!

    We are an executive search company in Austria and these subjects are key for our success.

    Markus Baldauf

  • Scott Span

    Thanks for the comments and feedback. I’m glad you found the info informative.

    @devanperine:disqus As a GenY cusper myself, I’m all to familiar with what it takes to engage and retain that generation. I agree, no small order. You may be interested in our additional checklist: Top 10 Ways to Engage GenY Employees as well as other info on the generations – http://goo.gl/fUQSz .

    @stevesemelsberger:disqus I will definitely take a look at your info. Sounds like we’re like minded in approach.