• Gerrycrispin

    Good stuff John. I love the fact that Bersin’s report has adjusted their 400+ respondent’s findings to be representative of firm size in the US. I’m not a fan however, of some of their conclusions such as “job boards may not be dead but they are dying” when their data doesn’t support it (and note you ignored it entirely). 
    Those clients who have received the entire study should spend serious time on it

  • Lgurian

    Great article about Bersin’s report. I always like hearing about recruiting trends. I definitely will need to read it as I am curious to how he distinguishes trends within different industries. In my three years of recruiting, both agency and internal recruiting, job boards never proved effective as the candidates are usually working with multiple recruiters, companies etc. I have always taken the approach of actually having to “head hunt” and recruit passive candidates that otherwise would not have been on the job market. I was definitely suprised by Bersin’s metrics! Very interesting!