• Michael Toebe

    ““The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated””

    So much pain in the world comes from the lack of feeling appreciated. People either “turtle” or they last out, sometimes in violent ways.

    “And that’s when I realized that saying thank you all the time is a discipline.”

    For some, it comes naturally. For others, it’s an elusive effort. When we get over entitlement and looking too much inward and realize that we can’t do it all alone, we learn to recognize other people’s contributions and kindness. Then, even if you were not taught as a child how to express appreciation, break the cycle and make yourself do it. We can learn any positive trait with discipline and practice. The return on investment will surprise you, both tangibly and intangibly.

    “… is a management muscle that must be exercised”

    Exercise it and it will get strong and benefit you.

    Michael Toebe
    High-Value Outcomes
    —Business First Aid for Communication and Disputes