• http://blog.globoforce.com Derek Irvine, Globoforce

    Thomas, I like that a lot: “So if employees aren’t assets, what are they? Our answer: they are the owners of an asset, the asset that economists call human capital.”

    While I often think the semantics battles are silly or trivial, I am on board with the one about calling employees human capital. I like your approach much better — employees are not just assets and not just “lowly bean counters” (as one commenter on my blog chose to call himself) — the are owners and decision makers about what they “own” — their own intellectual capital and efforts.

    Now we just need to start treating employees like that!

  • http://www.humetrics.com Mkleiman

    As owners of an asset what they really become is investors and just like smart investors, smart employees look for the best return on their investments.