• Alex

    How do you find the balance from being a love fest to a productive work atmosphere?

  • http://www.good.co/blog Lisa – Good.Co

    I think the article has done a great job of explaining a balanced approach to building a positive working environment without sacrificing productivity. That said, a lot of the nuts and bolts of incorporating this kind of culture into a given workplace will have a lot to do with that particular set of employees. The best way to start would be to introduce one new practice at a time, but to fully commit to it – no halfwaying. That way, everyone can see what it’s like, and whether or not they think it’s a positive addition to their workplace culture. Clarity of communication and honesty about the process are key.
    Thanks for the great article! Lisa Chatroop, Good.Co

  • Amy McDonald @REKRUTR

    I think you have captured the essence of a work environment that develops extraordinary leaders and keeps turnover down, Tom. I have been fortunate to find this type of environment, or at least ones that are striving to be like it, a few times throughout my career. As I currently work with building new teams, these values remain a top priorities for me. The balance for productive work atmosphere is much easier than you think. These values in the workplace motivate your team members to give the best they have much in the way they would for family. You’ll find a loyalty that goes beyond what an employer can typically expect. I suggest that if you see this list and think it looks difficult to achieve, that you make it a goal to incorporate one of the suggestions each quarter, or each year.Let the team know this is what you are working to achieve and ask for their suggestions. You will be shocked at the relatively simple things that make a difference to people. Each step you take towards this type of environment will pay you back ten fold in employees that go the extra mile for the organization.