• http://managingandleading.blogspot.com/ Illysa

    Great article, Morgan. Thanks for sharing.  I love that, even with the list of useful tools, you remind people to pick up the phone!  Remote workers can get lonely and feel isolated from the team.  The human touch from a manager can make a huge difference in their experience of the work.

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    Sounds interesting. Actually many companies still treat remote workers as low level employees, perhaps this should not happen in the current world where we have got tools for tracking everything and where we know that they are working too for 8 or 9 hours everyday. Thought of sharing my thoughts.

  • http://www.legitimateonlinejobdirectory.com/ Anne Anderson

    Great article.  I have been working from home for 12 years and you are right on the money.   Skype and GoToMeeting have really revolutionized working from home. Now, instead of working for one employer full time, I actually perform various types of freelance contract work and will never go back to the 9-5 grind. 

    Anne Anderson
    Legitimate Online Job Directory

  • http://www.boltonstaffing.com/ Edsel Mendoza

    Hi Morgan,

    I think that Way #6 is one of the most important since the concept of remote staffing is not limited to getting remote workers who are also based in the same country. Our company (www.boltonstaffing.com), for example, is based in Manila, Philippines and provides staff for various companies in the US, Europe, and Australia, among others. Although the language barrier isn’t a problem, it’s still very important that instructions are clear and spelled out so that mistakes and delays can be avoided completely.

    Also, great list of software in Way #1 and 2! It really makes a difference for companies when they don’t have to settle with paid tools since there are so many free applications available online.

  • http://www.acceptic.com/ Dmitriy Kharchenko

    Great article. After a year almost all recommendations are still actual and even more important because an increasing number of companies hire remote workers now.

  • Grace L

    Great post! #4 is so crucial especially if the remote work force is made up of junior managers. By having a mentor within the organization, the remote team feels they are heard and are part of the larger picture!
    Also, being a remote manager and acting as a mentor is a great way to be able to participate in a company wide initiative.

  • Marc Bannan

    Very interesting post, I think I’m going to have to do some further investigation into these different services. The only thing I would add is the use of an advanced idea management platform (such as Qmarkets, Brightidea or Hype) that include advanced gamification features to really engage employees…without them even realizing!

  • http://www.sahilparikh.com/ Sahil Parikh

    We use a combination of Hipchat and Brightpod. Works wonders with a remote team.

  • Marc Denis

    Proofhub is very handy tool to manage remote teams. I am using this tool to manage team which is spread across 5 different states. Very effective tool to use.