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    Hello Matt,

    If we wait until after the hire to address employee engagement, then we have waited too long.

    80% of employees self-report that they are not engaged.
    80% of managers are ill suited to effectively manage people.
    The two 80 percents are closely related.

    Employers keep hiring the wrong people to be their managers and then they wonder why they have so few successful, long-term engaged employees. Successful employees have all three of the following success predictors while unsuccessful employee lack one or two and usually it is Job Talent that they lack.
    1. Competence
    2. Cultural Fit
    3. Job Talent

    Employers do a…
    A. GREAT job of hiring competent employees, about 95%
    B. good job of hiring competent employees who fit the culture, about 70%
    C. POOR job of hiring competent employees who fit the culture and who have a talent for the job, about 20%

    Identifying the talent required for each job seems to be missing from talent and management discussions. If we ignore any of the three criteria, then our workforce will be less successful with higher turnover than if we do not ignore any of the three criteria.

  • KenSchmitt

    These are great tips, Matt. I would add one more to the list, if I could: Thank your employees. 58% of employees say then never receive a ‘thank you’ for their efforts. While some would argue that doing as expected is what it means to do your job; I would argue that it’s easy to show a little gratitude to improve a lot of attitudes. There are many ways leadership can thank their employees and now’s the time to do it as many have stuck around through the tough times and tough changes of the recession.

    Ken Schmitt


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