• http://twitter.com/lizz_26 Liz Reid

    As Peter Drucker said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!”

    Great article!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Liz. You’ve just condensed a 500 word post down to 5. I’ve always appreciated the brevity and insight of Peter Drucker. Thanks for reminding me of these important words.

  • Susan Barbee

    This article is a great reminder that it’s the people who make the organization great. The systems piece needs to be responsive to the needs of the people to truly spark culture change.

  • http://twitter.com/BreaknEquations John E. Smith

    Right on Derek! We develop culture building software… Leaders approach us looking for the silver bullet to fix culture. There is no big, one time wins to improve culture… as you mention it can only be improved on over time in small, consistent, building on eachother increment. 😀