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    Two to add: you have constant, constructive feedback from your manager and you’re working cross-departmentally with others in your organizations. Both of these add value to your goals and your performance, as well as make for a happier workplace. Great post, Derek!

  • Kelly Bryant

    This is a great piece! Thank you for sharing. 

  • http://twitter.com/AFischhaber Anne Fischhaber

    These are great ideas Derek! The challenge is to create an environment where employees can really feel invested in the company. Either one likes the company and enjoys contributing to its success or they don’t but they have no alternative job so they hang in there and hope something better comes along! This is why it is important during the hiring process to really zero in on candidates who like and are really interested in the business of the company. Such candidates are likely to be fully engaged because they believe in what they do and how it contributes to the corporate vision. The mission, vision, values and strategy of the company must be clear from the onset, and communication lines open at all times in order to create that conducive environment where employees can thrive.

    The challenge to the leadership is to show their own commitment and belief in the company. Leading by example can help those who are truly interested in the company to be fully invested in the company. If the leadership is fully engaged and connected to company strategy, employees are likely to follow their lead.

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    Thank you all for the additions.