Why I’m Excited About New Product Enhancements for LinkedIn Recruiter By @RandyBailey

Yesterday LinkedIn hosted a webinar titled Ask the Experts about LinkedIn Recruiter (LIR) featuring Sankar Venkatraman, Global Product Evangelist & Daniel Scanlan, Customer Education Consultant. They talked about some of the upcoming product upgrades and enhancements, however, the part I was most excited about (and paid closest attention to) were some new filters coming soon to advanced search within LinkedIn Recruiter.

The three features coming in the near future are a skills filter, a “profiles viewed” filter, and the ability to filter based on languages. The feature I think will be most useful for people is the ability to filter profiles based on the skills section. The new features will be introduced on a rolling basis. With regards to the skills filter, I checked and I already have access to the feature. The filter can be seen once you start a new search.


The skills search will be an interesting new way of finding individuals or perhaps uncovering some people you didn’t find previously. You may also be able to discover search terms that you hadn’t thought about previously. A quick note of caution, there will be some individuals who have a term in their profile that isn’t listed in the “skills” section and vice versa. With that in mind, for any skill you select, I would also try searching for it as a keyword.

Another new filter, coming in the fourth quarter of this year, is a “Profiles Viewed” filter. This filter will allow you to eliminate profiles you’ve viewed in the past 3 months, (probably 6 months, 1 year, etc.). This is an extremely valuable method to stop seeing the same profiles over and over.

In a previous blog post, I mentioned how to remove profiles from a search that had already been added to a project folder. This is a similar way to accomplish the same thing.

The third upgrade – which will come in the first quarter of 2016 – is a language filter which allows you to filter based on languages spoken as well as proficiency. This is a much needed filter. However, I think LinkedIn needs to do a campaign to attempt to get users to provide this information. From my own personal experience, it seems like very few people have shared this information.

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Did you listen to the webinar? What are your thoughts?

  • Jung Kim

    There is no search bar under the skills filter.

    • http://www.linkedin.com/in/seanrehder Sean Rehder

      Drop the skill you are looking for in the keyword search field..hit refresh…now its listed in the Skills area.

  • Randy Bailey

    I have to assume that is by design. I noticed that Irina Shamaeva pointed out that the skills filter is basically an OR statement. It would certainly be more valuable if you could control those types of things and decide which you want to include and when.

    For those that want to listen to the presentation:

    And for the slide deck:

  • http://www.booleanblackbelt.com/ Glen Cathey

    Thanks Randy! The profiles viewed filter is going to be HUGE, although I don’t think their approach/UX is ideal. I’ve been talking about this kind of functionality for a while, and not just to the LinkedIn folks. I expect to have a better solution internally in the very near future. 🙂