• http://www.insperity.com/ Arron Daniels

    Great post Todd! There are still some folks who don’t source from Facebook because they don’t like to reach out to possible candidates in Facebook because it’s “too private.” Well, the excuse is gone. Thanks for the read.

  • http://twitter.com/aaronlintz Aaron Lintz

    Excellent post Todd. I’ve been using FB UID scraper for last few months. Kind of stealing Shane’s tool, but I think he could shut it down if he wanted to. I like that it now does the email patterns automatically.

  • Stephanie

    Thank you for this great information! Once you extract this data, what are some tips on best practices for reaching out to potential applicants? What methods are you using to make the initial contact?

  • Anna

    Thank you for the great post! I’ve just got one question…how do you use prophet on that Google Drive Spreadsheet as I am not able to:(? Thanks in advance.A

  • Ketaki Pole

    Excellent Sourcing & Recruiting Technique, best platform to minimize the closure time.

  • Sarrah West

    Someone asked me today if I could see the names of a page that has been liked in Facebook. I’ve been searching and know how to do this on a page I own myself, but not one that is owned by someone else. If anyone knows how to see the list of who has liked a page that isn’t owned by themselves, let me know. Thanks! Sarrah swest@covestic.com