• Joshua Jones

    “Call my name!” -The Childlike Empress

    • Josh Brecheisen

      If you don’t like movie references, you won’t like this article. Haha.

  • Dean Da Costa

    The key to remember is tools are meant to do tasks quicker. These tasks are tasks any good sourcer can do, but it takes longer, SO this is not stop using tools and ext but only use the ones on LInkedin that LI allows. Then use all the tools on other places and sites. You know like the Social site that has 4+ times the number of people LI had Tools and ext are here to stay, but dont use them till you learn how to do it without them,

    • Christy Sterbenz-Lee

      I concur! You are no good unless you know the basics!

    • Josh Brecheisen

      Good points Dean. I’ve got an article on that coming soon. You’re the man!

  • maureensharib

    Change is afoot. If the money doesn’t get to him Good Guy Federal Judge Edward Chen may set things straight with a ruling this month that will make all 250 attorneys inside Microsoft scurry hurriedly to the meeting room asking, “WTF did we miss?”and cause maybe even another big early write-down against earnings ($26.2B worth!) and wouldn’t that be something?

    “Oh those troublesome ToS agreements…”

    It wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft wrote off a loser…

    • Josh Brecheisen

      Maureen, you are always in the know. I love that about you!

  • Keith Halperin

    Thanks, Josh. There are some companies that claim to have directories of hundreds of M of publicly-acquired profiles without the restrictions that LI puts on us. I look forward to seeing how they do. Meanwhile, there is at least one tool out there which lets you download the information of hundreds of profiles/day, and another tool which works on that data to crack the emails of those people.

  • Keith Halperin

    This ISN’T as big a deal as feared.
    If you have LI or are sourcing LI externally: do whatever you were doing before, and download the profiles.
    1) Use Tool X to go quickly go through them (at about 1 profile or resume/second) and sort/rank them against your job description
    2) Use a non-extension version of Tool Y, Z, AA, BB, etc. to get the contact information.
    3) Go directly after the candidates that you like best.

  • Adam Chao

    +1 for Neverending Story Reference!